Who We Are

AHPC is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through affordable housing.

Our Vision

To create personal and lasting solutions to the affordable housing crisis by revitalizing communities, empowering people, and expanding housing options for all. 


Current housing models do not adequately address the needs for affordable housing, particularly for middle income families and college students. AHPC offers a reinvented model to secure affordable housing to better serve those in need.


At the forefront of our model is our “non-eviction policy” or NEP.  Life happens – and we understand that sometimes you run into a pot hole in the road resulting in occasional financial difficulty.  Our NEP assists residents with rental support on those rare occasions.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of families, students, individuals, and communities by helping to develop, produce, acquire, manage or preserve low-cost affordable housing, workforce housing and student housing in neighborhoods across the United States.

Our values

Integrity in our dealings with residents, partners, and all third parties.

Respect demonstrated and reflected in our dealings with residents, partners, and third parties.

Deliberate in our decision making and efforts in further of AHPC’s mission.

Transparency to all parties in the operations of AHPC.

Board of Directors

The experience and collective expertise of our Board members provide the guiding force behind our mission and uphold the values of AHPC.

Christopher Walker, Esq.

Chairman of the Board

Rebecca Walker, Esq.

Secretary of the Board

James Anderson


Robert 'Bobby' Appleby

Beth Ann Smith, Esq.

Deno Hicks

David Sarles

Barbara Cocciolo, Esq.

Dr. Sharon Walker

Get Involved

AHPC is working to create a truly accessible NPO structure. The truth is that we don’t just need large donations. We are building homes with every day and we need doorknobs, we need mailboxes, we need all of the little things that make up a home.

You can help us solve the housing crisis in your own way.

Sponsor a Home accessory

We created a list of small home accessories that we need to finish up housing. These little touches go a long ways toward making a new families house feel like a home.

AHPC can help you

Do you or one of your family members need assistance and support in finding affordable housing?