Our Partners
& History

We believe preventing and ending homelessness through affordable housing requires a concerted effort. Our partners play a key role in the solution to affordable housing by providing needed resources to help us achieve our mission.

Our history

AHPC is at the forefront of redefining affordable housing. Our communities serve a broad range of households, including families, students, veterans, and seniors.

Affordable Housing Preservation Corp (AHPC) is a nonprofit developer, owner and operator of several thousand affordable housing units across the United States. Formed in 2021 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, it is our mission to share the joy of enabling affordable housing with everyone. Working closely with our partners, and help from individuals such as yourself, we are making positive impacts in the lives of those who could not otherwise afford permanent housing.

Our Partners

With the help of our partners, we aim to provide opportunities to nurture and transform families, homes, students, and communities one at a time. We strive to accomplish this objective through buying, rehabilitating, and preserving existing properties or developing new ones.

We aim to supply quality, long-term affordable housing opportunities to the communities that need it most.


We partner with AMC – Apartment Management Consultants to help manage our physical properties.

I have served with Apartment Life for over two years and absolutely love my job! Community has always been a top priority for me and my family and that is what Apartment Life is all about. From hosting quality events to helping residents with assistance they may need is an extremely rewarding experience. Additionally, every level of management is sincere, caring, and treats you with professionalism and true genuine kindness. I am currently serving at Orchard Park Apartments in Greenville, SC and loving every minute of it. The staff is wonderful and made me and my family feel right at home. Orchard Park is an AHPC property which in itself is amazing. This organization has a clear mission and is helping residents find hope during this time when the world needs it the most. My ultimate reward is seeing the smiles on these residents faces every day!

Keith Green, Coordinator of Resident Services, Apartment Life

AHPC has also partnered with Apartment Life to oversee the social needs of our residents.

Community is good for both people and business. Unfortunately, many apartment residents feel completely disconnected from their neighbors. Apartment Life provides resources that residents need, right there onsite. Services include community-building activities, financial resources/education, community partnerships, youth programming, adult educational workshops, employment assistance, and housing stability. We partner with Apartment Life to help care for residents by connecting them in relationships, thereby improving our communities and resident satisfaction.

Here are just a few things we have been able to help residents with:

  • several elderly residents now have transportation for their MEDICAL appointments
  • several residents were given UTILITY support/resources
  • several residents were provided with FOOD resources
  • multiple residents have received JOB support: applications, resumes, community resources
  • families have gained access to EDUCATIONAL support (tutoring resources for KIDS)
  • several residents connected with a coordinator for RENT Assistance/AHPC applications
  • multiple residents were provided ONE-ON-ONE resident connections and resident service support across AHPC communities

Working for Apartment Life has given me great purpose in serving others. Knowing my purpose and working hand-in-hand within an amazing partnership, such as with AHPC, creates a greater impact on each resident that I assist. The programs that AHPC provide not only benefit our residents in a temporary time of need but generate an immense opportunity for the positive trajectory of their financial future forever. I am so thankful to be working alongside an organization with values and policies that influence real change in our community & in the lives of each and every person we encounter, and I so look forward to many more years to come of this phenomenal partnership!

Alainna Leonard
We seek to work with both corporate and local partners, as well as individuals, to touch lives and change futures- in other words- to make a positive difference in the world one community at a time. You can be part of the positive change in the world.

AHPC can help you

Do you or one of your family members need assistance and support in finding affordable housing?