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to Those in Need

AHPC is working to create a truly accessible non-profit organization (NPO) structure. The truth is that we don’t just need large donations. We are building and rehabilitating homes every day. We need doorknobs, we need mailboxes, we need paint - we need all the little things that make up a home.

You can help us solve
the housing crisis in your own way.

Your charitable donations to AHPC will help build, preserve, and restore safe, quality and affordable housing for low to moderate income families, students, veterans, and seniors. Your donation will go a long way to address the housing crisis in America. 

Thank you for supporting our mission!

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Here are ways you can help:

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The dream of a safe, affordable home can become a reality for struggling families. A gift of stock to AHPC ensures that families, seniors, students, and can live in hope for a better future. Gifts of appreciated stock allow donors to bypass capital gains taxes and receive a charitable tax deduction. Please contact us at Corporate Communications [email protected] to discuss more details.

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, allows donors to make a charitable contribution while receiving favorable tax benefits. Please contact us at Corporate Communications [email protected] to discuss more details. 

A planned gift to AHPC in your estate or long-term financial plans ensures families, seniors and individuals with special needs will have access to affordable, program-enriched housing for many years to come. Please contact us at Corporate Communications [email protected] to discuss more details.

Workplace Giving enables federal, state and private sector employees to support Mercy Housing through employer-provided giving programs. These programs allow individuals to donate to a charity through payroll deductions on a weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. Charitable contributions to AHPC are considered tax-deductible gifts.

Check with your Human Resources department to find out about your company’s Workplace Giving Program. If your company does not have a program please contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly speak to them on your behalf.

Several organizations and businesses make it easy for you to help give back to communities.

AHPC can help you

Do you or one of your family members need assistance and support in finding affordable housing?