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We are creating personal & lasting solutions for the affordable housing crisis.

It is a well-researched fact the combination of rising rents and diminished access to home ownership is wreaking havoc on families across America.
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AHPC is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through affordable housing.

We Understand the problem

More than 11 million Americans now pay more than half of their monthly income for rent. This rate has increased more than 30% over the last five years, which is also a record high.

Over 46 million people live in poverty in the United States. This number has increased 38% over the last 13 years – the highest rate in almost 60 years.

The affordable housing crisis

Communities across the country are facing both low-income and moderate income housing shortages – to such an extent there is not a single county in the United States that can fill 100% of these population’s need for safe, affordable housing.

West Region

  • 33.36 Homes available for every 100 extremely low income (ELI) households
  • Only 35,000 ELI homes are available in CA, despite their being over 150,000 housless people
  • Nevada only has 18 homes available for every 100 ELI that need them. This by far the worst in the US.
  • 225,785 Houseless people total

Southeast Region

  • 42.8 Homes available for every 100 extremely low income (ELI) households
  • In Florida only 26 out for every 100 ELI housegolds even have a chance of finding a home; there are over 30,000 houseless in Florida
  • 116,181 Houseless people total

Midwest Region

  • 42.7 Homes available for every 100 extremely low income (ELI) households
  • Only 33 homes are available in Wisconson for every 100 ELI households, which has forced their own houseless populations to be displaced to surrounding states
  • 72,827 Houseless people total

Northeast Region

  • 42.8 Homes available for every 100 extremely low income (ELI) households
  • Only 36 homes are available for every 100 ELI households in NY, with over 92,000 of these people currently housless
  • 145,209 Houseless people total

Data is sourced from:
National Low-income Housing Coalition, March 2020

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies tabulations of US Census Bureau, 2006–2019

Our Values

Creating Opportunity

We know that many of our residents need more than just stable housing to succeed and we seek to improve their access to professional, and social opportunities.


We serve a broad range of people, but our focus is on low and moderate-income households who need access to safe and healthy housing.

Community Building

A home is more than a building. Our properties aim to improve the health of their surrounding communities and the people who make them.

Everyone can help out

There is not a single county in the United States that can fill 100% of its low-income population’s need for safe, affordable housing.


Poor housing and poor health are tied together, especially with children. When families and the homeless have to comprise on housing, their health declines. 

Health conditions worsen, including the severity of asthma and allergies tied to poor housing conditions, pests, and lead exposure, as well as increased accidents from exposed wiring and other needed repairs. Inadequate housing also adversely affects student learning and successful completion of high school and/or higher education.

When our economy is truly healthy, and everyone rises with the tide of prosperity, then issues such as the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and hunger are greatly diminished.

— David Ige —

Get Involved

AHPC is working to create a truly accessible not-for-profit (NPO) structure. The truth is that we don’t just need large donations. We are building, refurbishing and restoring homes every day and we need doorknobs, we need mailboxes, we need all of the little things that make up a home.

You can help us solve the housing crisis in your own way.

Sponsor a Home accessory

We created a list of small home accessories that we need to finish up housing. These little touches go a long ways toward making a new families house feel like a home.

Your help can change the view and outlook of even a single family, a single student, a single veteran, and even someone’s grandmother or grandfather. 


Please Help by finding your way to give.

AHPC can help you

Do you or one of your family members need assistance and support in finding affordable housing?